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What is Link Tracking

Before we get into why link tracking is so important for the modern marketer, blogger, webmaster, etc. I would like to define what it is.

The definition of link tracking (according to Taveo)

Link tracking is the act of providing URLs or Uniform Resource Locators that capture metadata (time, location, referring website, language, etc) related to the person (computer) that clicked on or followed the link. Link tracking is also known as click tracking.

Most link tracking software or services function by using URL Redirection, but that is not required. Link tracking works on the “server-side” and requires no special client software or configuration (this is different from most web analytic products, which require client side JavaScript to function).

Why Link Tracking is Important

A lot of people I talk to about this topic usually say something along the lines of “I already use Google Analytics, I don’t need anything else.” Unfortunately this is incorrect and could be leaving you with a incomplete picture of your traffic!

link tracking pie chart

Example of data that url tracking can provide

Link tracking allows you to zoom in and gain in-depth insights on specific pages on your site. It is especially helpful for deep links. Google Analytics is great at answering the question “How many users visited my site this month?”. On the other hand, this technique can answer questions such as:

  • Did more people read my Facebook posting, Pinterest post or Tweet?
  • How many iPhone users clicked the link I tweeted yesterday?
  • How many people clicked the link I posted in a Disqus comment last week?

Link tracking is simply the best tool to find answers to specific, detailed questions about your audience. If your not asking questions like this, you should be!

Common Use Cases

One of the most powerful features of link tracking is that it gives you the ability to audit or verify your clicks. This is a very subtle, but powerful feature and can be useful in many different scenarios. Instead of simply trusting your advertising partners, you can obtain advanced analytics about the performance of your ads yourself! Doing a guest blog post? Determine exactly how much traffic you receive. The options here are endless and extremely useful.

In addition to these use cases there are many more, such as:

  • Tracking e-mail “opens.” Use a tracking URL with the destination of a image.
  • Test the effectiveness of your social media campaign.
  • Track Craigslist or Backpage Ads.
  • Track and understand Ad-blocking / No Script users.

Taveo is a full featured link tracking service, we invite you to explore our main site and learn more today.

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