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Beta Update and some screenshots

Just wanted to give everyone a quick status update. If all goes well I think we should start our “Friends and Family” beta in the next week or two. Most of the features I wanted to implement before allowing people to utilize the site are in. I’ve been pushing to get the admin section to a usable state before I let anyone see it. At this point I think it is very close, now I just need to add a few articles to the documentation section and I think it will be ready to let people try it out.

I expect to open Taveo Beta to the public at large within the next 4-8 weeks! I thought it might be fun to post a few screenshots of the admin interface in its current state. The layout might change a bit over the next few months, but this is the basic layout.

As aways, if you are interested in Taveo use the form on the right to get notified when interesting things happen. I plan on inviting people on the mailing to the Beta before we go live, so sign up!

Beta Screenshots

Screenshot of Taveo Admin Beta Interface - Statistics section.


Beta Admin Screenshot, showing a Live Feed of incoming traffic.

Admin interface Screenshot


Admin interface, showing management page of custom domains. This allows you to have short urls and tracking urls from your own domain!



Have any good ideas for features you would like to see or problems you think Taveo can help you solve? Let us know, we love hearing from people and how we can help them.

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