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Monthly Archives: November, 2014

Why I Created Taveo

Welcome to Taveo’s official development blog. Before I explain why I created Taveo I would like to introduce myself. My real name is James, but online I usually go by some form of mox1 . I’ve been writing various forms of code (mIRC bot scripts, Perl, C, C++, Web, Python) for the past 18 years or so. Recently, I’ve been toying around with mobile app development (Yes, I realize I’m about 4 years late to the party, better late than never). So far I’ve written and published two apps (SSRadio and World Wonders).

While I consider myself a competent developer, marketing and “brand development” aren’t exactly my strong suit. While attempting to promote my apps using various methods, I consistently found myself overwhelmed. As a small time developer, I didn’t exactly have a lot of money to throw at an advertising campaign. I attempted various “growth hacking” techniques, but it was hard to tell what was working. I spent hours on forums and blogs talking about SSRadio, but it was really hard to tell what worked. On most sites, I posted a direct link to my app on the Apple or Google play store, but then I had no idea how many people actually followed the link. Initially, I used a WordPress plugin called SimpleURLS to track who clicked. Unfortunately, the plugin simply gives you a total count of clicks. While better than nothing, I wanted more.

Attempting to dig deeper, I started using Google Ad Mob and Reddit’s advertising platforms. After spending too much money, Ad Mob gives you this super helpful graph:

Google Admob campaign results

And Reddit Results:

reddit advertising results

I would call this “lacking” at best. I had more questions than answers. For Reddit, how many of these clicks were on mobile devices? Were they iOS or Android? What language did they speak? For AdMob, I really wanted a language and location breakdown (to help optimize my translation resources). My goal was to spend 30 minutes setting up a test campaign to quickly determine if this advertising platform was worth it or not.

Finally, did I actually receive this traffic!? Some kind of auditing would have been great. I cannot imagine spending thousands on advertising without some type of auditing, but I’m a bit distrustful.

After a while I realized I basically wanted Google Analytics combined with a URL shortening service. I spent a lot of time searching for such a service. Often times they did one or the other, but not both. In reality, will actually do both, for the low low cost of $995 a month! Umm, no… comes close , but still falls short (all of your analytics are public!). Other products exist, but they were either too expensive or simply fell short of what I need.

My frustration and research led me to a simple conclusion. Do it Myself! I spent the weekend hacking a very quick and dirty version together (python, sqlite and and it actually worked pretty well. I quickly realized that about 5% of my Reddit advertising traffic was Mobile and AdMob was in fact telling the truth. The more I played around, the more I liked this system I had created.

That more or less brings us here. If I found this product useful, I figured others might too. Thus I created Taveo. I’m really excited about what I’ve been able to create so far. I have a strong feeling people are going to find all kinds of unique and creative ways to use Taveo that I haven’t even thought of. I’m sure people go through variations of my experience every day. Taveo is here to help you solve that. We’re creating a nice, simple, easy-to-use platform to help everyone track their links and better understand their audience.

I plan to use this Blog to keep you up to date on Taveo’s development and current offerings. If you have any questions or suggestions, just ask!