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Taveo – url shortener or link tracking service?

Recently I have been struggling with how to easily and accurately describe what Taveo is and what it does. Initially, I was very focused on explaining to people what link analytics and click tracking were and how we fit within that space. Some understood right away, others kind of gave me a blank stare..(link what!?). I hesitated to say “Taveo is a url shortener” or “Taveo is a click tracking service”, because to be honest we’re much more than those two things. Besides, the world doesn’t exactly need another url shortening service ( and have that covered pretty well). The answer to the question is we are both (and more!).


Taveo as a url shortening service

Once we are actually up and running (Public beta coming in Jan 2015!) Taveo will function as perfectly capable url shortening service. We have a registered a few nice, short domains (including and for our users to use if they wish. After logging in to our service you will be 3-4 clicks away from your very own short url (ex. You can never log in again and your short url will continue on functioning forever.


Taveo as a link tracking service

The interesting part come if you decided to come back and login again. You will be greeted with detailed information about who actually clicked on your link. You can view real-time statistics (aka live view) that give you time, ip address, geo location, type (robot, mobile, desktop) and referrer. On the statistics page you can get a more aggregate view of your data, including charts of clicks over time and a breakdown of clicks by type. If you’re using Taveo to track your Google Adsense or Bing Ads advertisements, you will also see the query that the user performed to find your site!


Real World Results

During development, I’ve been using Taveo to track a few Ad Sense advertisements I have for another project (Beta Tester #1 right here). The live view has been extremely helpful in tuning my campaign. After just 24 hours and ~200 clicks I’ve learned the following very useful tidbits of information:

  • I found out that google was serving my ads for a phrase that was nowhere near what I was advertising (the order of the words was backwards and meant 2 completely different things)
  • StumbleUpon advertising seems to generate 4 clicks on a link for each user (no idea why, was consistently happening)
  • Ad Sense doesn’t trust me very much; There are lots of random clicks from all over the world with the exact same super outdated browser. My theory is that this is google safe browsing or something similar.


Don’t forget that Taveo Beta starts soon! Add your e-mail to the form on the right side and we will notify you when Beta has started.