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Advanced Redirects are now available – Try them today

One of the biggest features missing from Taveo was advanced redirects. This term can be a bit confusing, so internally we like to call them rule-based destinations. Others call them dynamic destinations. Basically it means that the URL you click on has a different destination page based on some criteria. For example, you can use dynamic destination links to send Android and Iphone users to different sites. Using Taveo’s dynamic destinations you could now tweet out a single URL. Taveo automatically sends iOS users to your Apple App store page and Android users to your google play store page. This is just scratching the surface of all the fun stuff you can do with these links. Furthermore, they are incredibly useful to bloggers, marketers, developers, etc.

screenshot of taveo admin portal showing advanced redirects

We are happy to announce that as of today Taveo’s link tracking platform supports advanced redirects!

As of today, we have 5 different types of rules you can select for these advanced links.

  • Operating System (Windows,Android,iOS,linux,etc)
  • Random (Useful for A/B testing – Test different landing pages, etc.)
  • Geo Location (by specific country)
  • Language (languages the user speaks, english, spanish, russian, etc)
  • Expiring after a set time (Useful for time limited contests, giveaways, etc)

This should cover a large majority of use cases. If you can think of one we missed, let use know.

We have setup a demo link to showcase this technology. When you click on the button below you will be sent to your Operating Systems home page. Try clicking this link on different devices and watch what happens!


Dynamic Redirects Test


Finally, this update required quite a bit of effort to accomplish and mandated a major overhaul of our back-end systems. It was a large effort, but it we are really exciting to see them available to all of our users (even the Free accounts!) To get started with our advanced redirects, sign up for Taveo.